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Meet Our Team

Well, here you are! If you have gotten here you are obviously interested in who is exactly behind Red Sky Securities. Well, our “Meet the team” page seems a little intimidating doesn’t it? We are a team of two, so I guess you could call it “Meet the Pair”. As we grow, we can guarantee you this list is going to get bigger! Stay tuned and feel free to connect on Skype or via E-mail either on here or on our consultation page.

Stephen Sims
Co-Owner and Advisor
Stephen is a financial advisor and a personal finance geek to say the least. On his spare time he enjoys crunching financial numbers and finding those diamonds in the rough. Read More
Tanya RIchards
Co-Owner & Writer
A 23 year old financial blogger from Los Angeles California, Tanya brings a creative form of writing that is meant to inspire and educate investors and personal finance advocates around Read More
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