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What Should I Invest In For 2018

What Should I Invest In For 2018

what should I invest in

It’s 2018! This means new resolutions, new goals, and, of course, new investments! But, what should you invest to get more out of your money in this new year? Well, here are top 5 growing industries of 2018 that you can look into!

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

If top companies such as Google and Apple are investing in this industry, then you should too!

The year of 2017 showed the immense demand for the industry. A whopping $3 billion worth of investments went into this sector, and the number is expected to grow. 3D printers also forecasted a massive demand despite being a relatively new technology. It is estimated that $35 billion will go into these printers.

Similar to 3D printers, Artificial Intelligence is a relatively new technology that has a very high demand. Top companies like Amazon Echo and Google are big customers of this technology, but more companies are expected to use this innovation.

Virtual Reality

If you have seen how far the trend has come for this industry, then start investing in it by 2018!

The Virtual Reality industry has made $4.6 billion in 2017. Products of these sectors have fared well in the gaming market. For example, Pokemon Go, a game that uses this technology, made $600 million just three months after its release. VR hardware like Oculus Rift headsets also became popular among gamers.

If this is what virtual reality did in 2017, just imagine what it can do in 2018!


Many countries have an aging population – Japan, Canada, U.S. So, it is clear that demand for health care for the elderly will increase as time goes by.

The industry of physical therapy is one of the understaffed, but most high in demand industries in the U.S. Numbers are expected to increase as Americans continue to age.

Meanwhile, biotechnology is expected to have a comeback after suffering from bans and limitations from governments. As people continue to age, demands for pharmaceutical drugs is expected to increase. Biotechnology can supply that demand.

Translation services

With globalization, people have become increasingly connected. But, one barrier stands in the way, and that is language. Thankfully, modern technology has created an industry that can dismantle that wall. And it is expected to increase in demand in this year.

Experts predict that jobs related to this industry will grow up to 30%. With companies like Google and Skype aggressively investing in translation and interpretation services, that is highly likely.


The search for clean, sustainable energy continues as earth temperatures continue to grow. Governments and experts alike are looking into wind and solar power as the next significant sources of energy for mankind!

It is expected that wind energy technician jobs will increase by 104% by 2024. Meanwhile, solar photo voltaic installers are expected to increase by 25% in the same year. Good news for not only those looking to invest in green energy but also to green energy supporters!

Some final words

We are hoping that in this new year, you have figured out what you should invest in. But, remember, these growing industries aren’t the only ones fresh in the market, so keep a close eye for others!

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